“E” Week (late post)

This post is overdue. Last week was E week. At the moment I’m even having difficulty remembering what we did exactly. Good thing there’s pictures to remind me! 😀
E wasn’t an easy letter for us. Not too many “objects” to use, so I had to try and be creative.
We talked about elephants, eyes, ears, earth, eggs, eat, explore, and their memory verse from Sunday School, Deuteronomy 31:6. 

 We started Monday off by tracing E’s, and making E sounds.

This boy has blown me away with his tracing skills. He would however much rather trace letters as he wishes, not when he’s told to.

Then we colored elephant color sheets from Twisty Noodle. Next we talked about eyes & ears. They of course know where their eyes & ears are if you ask them to point to them, but I’ve never asked them to place/draw “parts” on a face. So I thought we’d try it. I drew a circle on a piece of paper and asked them to draw the eyes and ears of their person. I said after they did that they could draw other parts of the body, but to start with the eyes and ears. Disclaimer…I did not tell them where to draw the items. I wanted to see what they would do. I was surprised.

Ash drew about 3-4 eyes and a nose. He also traced the face.
Although hard to see, miss H drew two itty bitty eyes, and a straight line for a nose. Here she’s moving on to adding ears. I wasn’t too surprised because she’s been drawing faces for a couple weeks now. Placing the ears correctly surprised me however.

I moved on back to Ash to see how his face was coming.

The little line is an ear and he’s adding hair as well. He was having a great time by the way. He loved drawing his “person”

I then moved back to Hadley…I was surprised by what I saw.

A smile. Hair. And a body??!! What? I was blown away. I have not seen this before.

They loved drawing their little people which they appropriately named after themselves. Here’s our finished products…which I will be saving FOREVER.

I had to label all his parts….I was a little confused, but hey, it came from his head and I love the effort.
Arms, legs, hands, and feet. I couldn’t be more impressed. Such a sweet picture. Ash’s is sweet too…in a messy boy sort of way 😉

Our next day of school, I decided it was time for a “field trip”. First we colored pictures of earth and talked about all the places you can Explore on Earth.

Then I told them to get their binoculars because we were going exploring! I had talked to my dear friend Jessica about places she used to take her boys and I decided on two places close by to go explore…the Yakima Delta and Chamna…local preservation sites with lots of trees, trails, and things to touch. We loaded up and headed to the Delta.
Now I’ve never actually stepped foot on the Yakima Delta. My dad plays airsoft there. I’ve passed by many times. My friend Jessica told me it can feel a little creepy. A little is an understatement. I could hardly concentrate on exploring with the kids because my pervert/dead body radar was on high alert. As we were walking up to the trail that was heavily wooded by Russian olive trees I thought to myself “you are NUTS! What are you THINKING?! Get.the.crap.out.of.here.” We went on the trail into the trees about 20 yards, listened to some birds, picked up some rocks, then Ash said “mommy, can we go?” You don’t have to ask me twice son. I was trying to think what I would do if I suddenly came across someone/something…I was more then happy to leave. We will not return unless daddy is with us…and his little friend named Ruger is welcome as well. You may think I am over-reacting or even over-exaggerating…maybe. But let me tell you friends, I watched too many Cold Case Files shows years ago and it has scared me for life and made me a little paranoid. Me+scary movies/TV shows=no good…I think about stuff too much. That’s all I have to say about that.
I didn’t feel we got to explore much, so I decided we would go to Chamna…even though my blood pressure was probably about 150/90 at this point. I’m so glad we went to Chamna. The kids loved it. They could see ducks in the river, they got to touch sagebrush (which was a big deal, they keep talking about it), and best of all…there was dirt bike trails. They ran up and down trails for about 20 min. pretending they were motorcycles and horses. I got some great pictures at both places.

Top left: Junior explorers ready to go! Top right: proof I was there. Bottom: using their binoculars at the Delta to look at birds.
Top left: I heart this picture. River watching at Chamna. Top right: touching grasses at the Delta. Bottom left: little explorer dude! See the trail behind him? That’s the creepy Delta trail. Bottom right: sagebrush is fascinating at Chamna.
Dirt bike trails at Chamna. We will be back. So fun.

Then we went home and made pumpkin muffins so we could EAT them. And there was much rejoicing.

Good helpers!

The next day was Thinking of Others Thursday…so we colored pictures for Gramma Edie 🙂 Then we did our letter craft. We made Elephants out of E’s…and yes…I am very aware that it looked much better in my head and our elephants look like dogs. Thanks for noticing.

They colored the E and the elephant ears and tails, then we cut them out.

Making elephant sounds.
She loved her elephant.

That’s the end of E week. Even though I was paranoid for half of our exploration trip, I think that was my favorite day. I love that such simple things bring them such joy. And hey, I’m all about free fun.

Lately we’ve been trying to instill in A&H the concept of an attitude of thankfulness/gratitude. Ash tells us a lot that he is sad. I think he is just testing out expressing his feelings and is often not genuinely “sad”. So we have been talking about how we can always, in every circumstance find something to be grateful for. And it’s hard to be sad when we are thanking Jesus for blessings and just having a thankful attitude. I decided to make a “Thankful tree.” Just cut out brown paper to look like a tree and taped it to the wall. Awhile ago I found pre-cut paper leaves at the dollar store, so every night during Bible time, we all say at least one thing we are thankful for. A&H usually mention some kind of possession. So now we are talking about that we should be thankful not only for our things, but also for people, the church, our family, and so many other things the Lord provides for us. This has been a good thing for all of us to do and I look forward to seeing our tree full of thankfulness 🙂

Up in the hallway between the kids’ rooms. Ready for some leaves!
I like this and hope to do it every year. I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Well, that’s all for now. Hoping my next post will be about my man’s birthday which is Thursday…but this post took so long to get up, so I won’t make any promises as to when that will happen :-/
Press on!


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