“F” week

Well, I was wondering when my preschool motivation would plateau, and it happened last week. I’m sure there’s a combination of factors, but needless to say, this week we took a little break. I’ve decided not to feel guilty about it.
Last week was an emotional roller coaster for sure. Nathan’s job was not 100% secure with the government shutdown, it was his birthday, Asher started a barky cough, work to be done on Journey, and I was helping with a ladies event at church at the end of last week. All that to say, The Lord is good. He provides in ways I don’t expect or understand. I’m learning a lot about looking to Him for provision and what it looks like to view Him as the Father He is. One would think that after walking with the Lord for 20+ years you’d have learned that already…
Anywho back to preschool…we didn’t do a whole last week, but we did talk about flamingos, fall, farms, frogs, and friends.

Coloring giant F’s
We made “F” books that I printed from Twisty Noodle.
They colored each page, got to practice cutting, and put the pages in the order of their choice. Not a huge hit with these two.
Our farm sensory box.
Working on fine motor skills.

For some reason after Ash colors with his markers he tells me “the markers are tired. It’s their bedtime” and he proceeds to put them to bed under his paper. I think it’s pretty cute. He even makes little snoring sounds 😉

On Wednesday we met our friends at the park for a Fall walk to collect leaves, look at colors, and just be out in the lovely fall weather.

Miss H and friend Z holding hands. Now don’t get any ideas. I am not one of those moms who thinks it’s cute when her 3 year-old daughter has a “boyfriend”. I don’t even like hearing parents discuss that their children might date and/or marry in the future. I don’t think that’s entirely fair. I certainly pray for my kids’ future spouses, but I do not want them to feel that relationship has been pre-determined for them. I also never want my kids to make light of dating/courting (whatever you want to call it). It’s serious business finding your spouse, and I don’t want them to hear me “joking” about them marrying a friend someday. Will I rejoice if Miss H marries a boy like Z who comes from a rock-solid, Bible believing home? You betcha! But in the mean time I just pray and wait for conversations about marriage. And I treasure the innocence. The hand holding you see above is just that, pure innocent friendship.

The next day we did our alphabet craft and colored daddy’s birthday cards.

Our Frogs…I know, they are odd looking.
Hop! Hop! Hop!

So that about concludes our preschool for last week. This week would have been “G”, but we will hopefully get to that next week.

For Nathan’s birthday, we took it pretty easy. I made his favorites, no-bake cookies, beer bread with bacon dip, carrot cake (minus the nuts), and his parents brought over pizza.

I don’t know why….but I love this picture 😀
What an amazing man he is. Those kids love him.
She was sharing daddy’s popcorn with everyone…so generous right?
Singing “Happy Birthday”…I think Ash always thinks we are singing to him.

 My mom scored these two huge pumpkins at a road-side stand so we carved them.

Carving party in the garage with Gramma Melody and Boppa Jeff.

So much entertainment came from the pumpkin feeling sick. Boys.
Making her pumpkin face.
Making his pumpkin face!
My brave girl! I hate doing that!
Finished products! And Ash is still making his pumpkin face…

I wasn’t able to put as much time and energy as I would have liked into Nathan’s birthday. Because his job situation was so uncertain, we decided to not go out, and he said I couldn’t buy him anything. Just chop off my right arm why don’t you? But I did find ways to get creative. I made him his favorite goodies for one thing. I also went shooting with him and our dads. He’s been wanting me to go with him for a long time, so I finally did.

These guys…

I’m glad I went, but it’s not my favorite past time 🙂
There’s so much I could say about Nathan. He’s an amazing man. Someone I truly respect. We’ve been married 8 1/2 years and together for over 10. I’ve known him since I was 12 years old. We are so different yet so alike. My heart is knitted to his. When he’s not with me, I feel I’m only half myself. I enjoy working alongside him. I love that he still has his first car (but don’t tell him I said that.) I love that he is so gifted in so many diverse areas. I look forward to what the Lord has in store for us. There’s no one else I’d rather go through life with than my man.

Happy 29th birthday babe! Next year I’ll throw you the biggest over-the-hill party ever! 😉
Well this post is all over the place! And did you notice in the picture above where we are sitting? If you can’t guess…stick around, and you’ll find out.
Press on!


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