One week down…

We are done with “A” week! I don’t know how much A&H learned…but I know I learned a lot…about them! They are so different. They learn differently, pick up on different things, and care about different things. I knew all of that of course…but it’s more prominent now. I also learned how to “let things go”. I fell more behind on laundry than usual, my projects took a backseat, and I had to prepare for the next day before I went to bed each night. (I am good at flying by the seat of my pants in some things…but I’m a planner and list-maker by nature.) I also noticed I used the crockpot for dinner every.single.night this week. I didn’t think about the fact that we’d be starting up school this week at the time when I did my meal plan, but that was a great thing to have planned! 😀
Yesterday we talked about: America, alligators, aquariums, and airplanes. We also used the sensory box for the first time. (This place is a great resource for sensory boxes! This lady knows what she’s doing!) A&H pretty much took out all the “stuff” in it and just played with the beans…but they loved it. Bonus. We also reviewed our verse, A sounds, and A words we talked about the days before.

My “A” sensory box.
We made a few A words with the Word Whammer. I used the USA dry erase board to help talk about America. I got the dry erase board in the Target dollar section.
I used bubble A’s this time. I didn’t even ask them to trace/outline…they just did!

After letter sheets, we moved on to the sensory box and puzzles.

Liking the beans.
He worked on puzzles while miss H used the box.
He liked burying stuff the best.

Next we talked about aquariums. They’ve been to the Oregon Coast one a couple times and loved it. We are going next week to the Seattle one. Nathan & I have been before kids…I’m excited to experience it with them.
I took blue construction paper, gave them fish stickers and crayons and let them loose. After they were done, I put cling wrap over the paper and stapled it on so that it looks like a fish tank. Kinda lame…but that’s all I could come up with 😛 Miss H loved it! She’s our sea-life lover…gets it from her aunt Heidi 😉

Finished products

That’s about all we did yesterday. I should have planned more moving around in our time. Asher was a little disagreeable after the sensory box.
Today we planned to check out storytime at the library so I knew I needed to start early and keep our time short. I’ve decided that Thursdays will be “Thinking of others Thursday”. We will choose someone that has to do with the letter we are studying, make them something and take it to them/mail it. I can’t say too much about who we picked this week in case they read this post before it gets there…but they colored pictures and then we headed out to mail their creations.

The antennae were a staple all day for that girl. I kind of love it actually 😉
Off to mail their pictures! They were thrilled. Miss H was even more thrilled I let her wear her wings.

Next, our last A craft. Alligators. They were a big hit. This is one activity where I was surprised by just how different they are…I put glue on their papers and told them to place the teeth on. Ash just kind of threw them on hap-haphazardly. Miss H was so so precise! See for yourself…

Getting the eyes on…right after I took this he started laughing and saying “he’s lookin at me!!”
She’s very proud of her eyes!
Look at the concentration!
All done. First thing he does? Turns it on his finger…”chomp! chomp!” What a boy.
Checking out how his teeth look. Looks great Had!!
Finished product. Like I said…very different!

Last they played with the beans together…on my kitchen floor. I told them to keep the beans on the table cloth and they actually did. No vacuuming required! Happy mommy.

Ash is pretty good at transferring!

We went to storytime at a local public library. The theme was fire/firetrucks/firemen. Of course after the stories, they got to look at a firetruck and meet real firemen. They liked it pretty well…I forgot to tell them firemen can look big and a little scary with all their gear on. They weren’t going anywhere near them that’s for sure, but they did fine.

And yes, the antenna went with us 🙂

Last thing on the agenda for today…more mess of course! Nathan had to work this evening, so I thought it was a good evening to try shaving cream paint. I’ve seen it all over Pinterest.

Shaving cream, I used the sensitive skin kind, and food coloring. That’s it. Instant fun, chaos, and mess.
Turned them loose. At first they were pretty conservative.
Then they realized they didn’t need to be conservative. Paint is better if it’s all over your body I suppose.
Admiring her purple hands.
He preferred “painting” on the paper…much to my surprise.

 When I was putting miss H to bed I asked her what the best part about today was, “painting! I like that very much!” Of course. I said “you like getting messy like that?” She said “yes I like to be messy, and I like making my room messy with toys too.” So like me in so many ways…and then there’s that. My husband is a very tidy person, but he’s def not afraid to get dirty himself! So I blame her father. 🙂

Well that’s all I have! Next week on to B!
Press on!


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