I have been blessed with a very handy, smart, and hard working husband…attractive to boot! He & I love working on and completing projects together. We are both a little bit on the type A side of things…so when we start something…it will be finished. We’ve jumped into many projects not knowing how it would turn out, or even what we were doing really. But we love to learn and experiment. He’s usually the one using the power tools and doing the math…so I tend to leave out those details in posts. But if you have questions, just ask and I’ll do my best to get you the answer!

And our vintage trailer has been one of our biggest projects. She has a page all to herself. You can visit it here. 🙂

*** This page is still under construction, so please check back periodically to see what we’ve been up to!***

Post move-in house tour











Wallpaper removal


Stairway and foyer update


Sitting Room and Gallery Wall











Basement Re-Organization











Guest Bath Fix-up
Guest Bath Fix-up


Craft Space
Craft Space

(To see the new and improved craft space, see the next post!)

Basement flood=Basement redo!
Basement flood=Basement redo!


Little dude's room spruce-up!
Little dude’s room spruce-up!