Twin’s Room

We’ve been working hard the last week or so to get the twins room ready for them to be brought home, and I think we are almost there! Still need to get a changing pad, and add a few more things on the wall. Until then, here’s some pictures!

Ash’s crib and the bookshelf (Nathan cut out the wall art himself!)
Had’s crib and the Poang chair
Dresser/changing table and closet
Another view of the closet with the Baby Bjorn’s hanging up

We tried finding some curtains, but it’s hard to find something that’s gender neutral AND looks good in a kids room. We might put a shelf above the windows or a valance. However, it’s hard to go out and find things I like. I walked around Target with Nathan the other day for about 25 minutes and was so exhausted afterwords! I will be glad when the twins are here and I can start being myself again. I know life will be different, but we will all learn together! It will be nice to just get this new chapter of our lives started!
We see Dr. Smith on Thursday, hopefully everything is still looking good and we get a good report.

Press on!


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