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If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know we like to travel. And sometimes keeping kids occupied in the car/RV can be…challenging.

We’ve tried all kinds of things.

Those trays with pockets on the sides that clip around the car seat so kids can draw/read/play while in the car?…those lasted about 10 minutes before we were all super frustrated with them. Backpacks for each kids containing their own choices of activities…those cause disagreements about what can/should go in them, heavy backpacks, and mess in the car/RV (and arguing when the mess finds it’s way onto the other kids’ “side”. Cue parental nervous breakdown.)

There are plenty of great ideas out there for how to keep your kids entertained on the road. Some require planning, some don’t. Often times we rely on our DVD player for road trips. Or the kids Kindle Fires when we were in the RV. So many things would be neat to bring in the car (Legos, beads, Play-doh, Magna-tiles, Squigs, etc.) but I certainly don’t want to be finding those things everywhere for months to come. Sure you could use shoeboxes, lunch boxes, or other containers…but once you go around a sharp turn…bye bye beads and Legos.

A few weeks ago I saw a video a friend of mine posted about the Teebee box. I’ll give you a moment to view it if you haven’t seen it for yourself:

I was intrigued to say the least. I liked so many things about it. The size. Limits the amount of “stuff” that can be brought along. The portability. You can take it into restaurants, meetings, outside…etc. The design. It’s modern yet appealing to children…also not bulk/heavy so no complaining that they can’t grab it themselves 😉

I decided to contact the company and learn more and see about featuring the Teebee box here on the old blog. They were happy to oblige and I had the privilege to interview one of their team members, Micheal!

Me: Hi Michael! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions today, so appreciate it. Tell us a little about yourself.
Michael: You are welcome, my pleasure. We are four entrepreneurs from the Copenhagen area in Denmark. We have a business school background and have been working with different startups. We founded Tablebox 4 years ago our focus until last year was to develop innovative food and beverage solutions in cardboard. 
Me: How did you come up with the idea for the Teebee box? And why the name “Teebee”?
Michael: We were contacted by an electrician in 2013 who was tired of eating fast food in his car getting stains on his trousers and seat. So he had an idea for a box in cardboard that was wedge shaped with a build in lap tray. We designed and developed it and have manufactured it for stadiums such as Minnesota Vikings’, FC Copenhagen’s and other. But we knew it had larger potential. Our kids started using the cardboard versions for toys and crayons in the car and we started doing prototypes in plastic. Suddenly we got the idea for the brick plate, because we love Lego and suddenly we had Teebee. When Teebee is carried in the strap it has the shape of a Teepee and since it in theory was a TableBox (TB) and we thought it was a fun name for kids, we were not in doubt.
Me: Very cool! I understand a 3-D printer is used to make the Teebee boxes. Walk us through the process and time-frame.
Michael: It is correct that we have made all our prototypes with a 3D printer. It takes a long time to produce just one prototype. The box it self takes three days, then the 2 lids, the tray and the brick plate. After the crowdfunding campaign we will have all the boxes produced at a factory in Denmark. 
Me: How long has this product been in the works?
Michael: 4 years since we started patenting it and a year with the specific Teebee.
Me: Tell us a little about your company. Do you have other products that help engage kids outside of using a tablet, or is this your first one?
Michael: Not yet, this is the first one. But our goal is to expand the offerings to families on the go supplying games and creative toys for the car, train and plane with Teebee as the center. We have a lot of ideas for accessories such as custom plates for beads, play doh etc. We also wish to do a specific lunch box for the entire family.
Me: As a mom of 4 kids and given the fact that we travel a lot, I’m excited to see a product like this. Have you had similar responses from the public? What kind of feedback are you getting regarding the Teebee box?
Michael: We have only received positive feedback. The first day of crowdfunding we have been backed by more than 600 people.  We have noticed a lot of parents doing a DIY version with a shoe box and lego plate so we can’t wait to bring them the Teebee. Parents have new ideas to where they can bring the Teebee all the time. 
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Me: What else would you like families to know about the Teebee box?
Michael: It has been developed by a bunch of toy geeks, so a lot of love and testing and gone in the development. All ideas for improvements or features are very welcome. A little tip is to keep one in the car for the drive thru’s it is ideal for fast food in the car for the kids. We also have plans to collaborate with larger brands such as Disney or similar to create boxes with the kids’ favorite characters on.
Me: Sounds like great plans are in the works! Last question, what is the retail price of the teebee box, and when will we be able to get our kids’ busy little hands on them? 🙂 
Michael: On Indiegogo https://igg.me/at/teebeebox we have written 49 USD as the future retail price. We expect it to be in this region. We also hope to see them in stores and webshops spring/summer 2018. But if you order on Indiegogo now they will be delivered hopefully in December, worst case February at a discount of up to 35%. 



This was a great opportunity for me to learn more about this innovative product, and I’m so excited to share it with you all!

We decided to order 2 Teebees as Christmas gifts for our kiddos. We certainly see these boxes getting a lot of use from our family. I can even see them being used at home…not just on the go. And of course this isn’t a “perfect” solution to not having Legos and crayons all over the car…they are kids, it’s going to happen. But I can see it happening a lot less using the Teebee box.

This awesome product is discounted for a short time! Michael mentioned above the Indiegogo site where you can place an order for the very first boxes to be produced. This company certainly has a great idea to help us parents in the car leave the DVD players off and put the tablets away. I personally am looking forward to seeing what else the Tablebox company comes up with!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed learning something new with me and perhaps our kids will all be Teebee box pals soon! 🙂 I’m excited for ours to arrive when the time comes! Also, don’t forget to like their Facebook page and/or follow them on Instagram!

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