Journey’s 3 Day Pass

Back in October, we had our appointment with WASP to inspect Journey, assign her a VIN, and get license plates. Because she had no title, no VIN, no plates…we had to get a 3 day pass from the state to be able to tow her around. This took about a month of paper work and trips to the court house on Nathan’s part to even begin the process.We got our dates for our 3 day pass and scheduled our inspection…which only occurs on Fridays. October 25th was the big day. My mom came over to stay with the kiddos, and Nathan and I headed out.

Our first stop was to get Journey weighed. We went to a local recycling facility and used their scales. She weighed in at a little over 1600 lbs! Then we grabbed some lunch at Costa Vida, then headed over to the State Patrol office. The trooper who inspected Journey was very friendly, he did however ask something along the lines of “why exactly do you want a trailer like this?” Guess not everyone understands…that’s ok πŸ˜‰ He issued us a new VIN and we were golden. Next stop, the state dept of revenue to pay taxes on Journey…which we couldn’t do unless we had an official paper from the state patrol. Then we headed home. Nathan would be able to get the license plate the following week when the courthouse reopened.

Since we had a 3 day pass, we decided to schedule our family pictures in Royal City with Jessica Greenfield. It was a great opportunity to see how Journey fared on the open road before we went any great distance. And it was a good thing we did…about half-way to Royal, all the running lights on Journey flickered any time we went over a bump, dip, or turned a corner. Then on the way home, the lights pretty much flickered constantly, depending on how fast we were going. When we got home, Nathan reenforced the frame to the body, hoping this would stabilize the wires better. This seems to have helped a lot. We’ve taken her out a couple times since then, and we’ve noticed hardly any flickering.

Ready to go on our first “road trip”!
Brace inside
Working away

A few pictures from our photo shoot with Jessica…she’s awesome by the way.

One of my faves
We used this one in our Christmas card πŸ™‚

And we didn’t even have to bribe them to hold hands! πŸ˜€

Thanks again Jessica for making us look good. You’re awesome and we tell everyone to use you!

That’s enough for now. A couple more Journey posts, and we will be all caught up πŸ™‚
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