Bean Bags

I try to take the kids to the library once a week and we often attend story time…at which they pass out bean bags for every kid to use for the Bean Bag song. A&H love the Bean Bag song. I decided that we needed our own bean bags at home so for Christmas I made them each two bean bags and put them in their stockings. BIG HIT people. Who knew? They cost like a dollar to make…maybe less. Today, I am sharing how I make bean bags so you to can be the fun mom. They also make great gifts for little people. The ones I made for this tutorial will be gifts for some friends of A&H…I’m trying to come up with a clever Valentiney phrase to accompany them…”Thanks for BEAN’ a good friend”? I dunno….it’s a work in progress.
Back to business. To make bean bags you will need:

Fabric (amount/size is up to you. The soccer ball and owl ones I made are from fat quarters.)
Pinking Shears
Dry beans (type is up to you. For this project I used Navy and Pinto.)
Sewing machine
Felt or other materials to add some flair to your bean bag (if desired)

Start by cutting out the shape of your bean bag with pinking shears. You will need to cut out the front and the back. I didn’t measure or anything…just make them the size that’s right for the purpose/kid.

The ones I made for my kids were just plain and simple squares. These I wanted to personalize a bit, so I put the first initial of the kids name on the bag using felt. I just free-handed the letters, cut them out and sewed them on the top piece of fabric before sewing the top and bottom together.

Take it slow with the letters or whatever you are adding on.

After the letters were sewn on, put the top and bottom pieces together, and sew 3/4 of the way around the border. Do not go all the way around, or you will not get the beans in…but you have to sew that side shut just a tad…or you will…*AHEM* spill the beans. (thank you, thank you)

Take the bag off the machine, trim the excess thread, and fill 75%ish full of beans.

 Beans I used.

See how it’s not completely full? If you fill it too full you won’t have room to sew it shut. Plus, bean bags are supposed to be a little bit…floppy…not stuffed.

Pin the opening closed if desired, or just pinch it shut with you hand as best you can…this part can get a little tricky. I had to pin it because I had to take a picture and don’t have 3 hands.

You will have to use a finger to hold the beans back at some point…you get the idea I’m sure.

After you sew it shut, you’re done! Make sure it’s properly sewn shut in all places…you could even back stitch at the end.

Done! Top view and side view.

Here’s the finished product…

 I cut out the kitty from some other fabric that was super girly…but the little guy that those are for loves animals…but I knew my man wouldn’t allow me to give a boy a bean bag with girly fabric…so I added the kitty.

I’d like to get more creative later on…maybe making some in different shapes.
Anywho, that’s about it! Pretty simple and provides lots of opportunity for various types of playing. We use ours for: practicing tossing/catching, singing, placing them on body parts, tossing onto things…endless possibilities!
Let me know if you have any better ideas of a catchy Valentine phrases. My mind isn’t coming up with anything good.
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