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Happy Tuesday! I’m going to attempt to do a weekly Tuesday post titled “Touring our new home state”…or better know as “Tuesday Tours”. I have high hopes of weekly…it might be once a month, but whatever happens, I know it will be all good.

We moved to southern Ohio from SE Washington this past April. Both my husband and myself were born & raised Washingtonians, and hadn’t really been to the east part of the US. So as difficult as it is for us to be so far from our beloved PNW, we are having fun exploring our new home state! After we see most of Ohio, we will continue our journeys south and east. Even if you’ve lived in the same state your entire life, I hope this encourages you to view where you live with a fresh outlook. There’s so much to see and do around you, no matter where you live!

Since we live so close to Columbus, it was one of the first places we explored, and continue to explore. We try to go to Columbus at least once a month. And if not Columbus, then Grove City (a suburb) for my Target fix 🙂

The week we moved here, our parents were staying with us to help us unpack. We decided one day to take a break and head into Columbus to check out the zoo. We went on a rainy Thursday afternoon, so the place was pretty empty. The Columbus Zoo also has an aquarium, which is a bonus. Most animals were out and easy to see.



I love how zoos and aquariums have all these statues and things for kids to climb on. If your kids enjoy that sort of thing, you won’t be disappointed at this zoo, there are many things for kids to climb on!


The gorilla was their favorite 🙂

The carousel was a big hit too. I don’t believe the train was running for the season so I can’t comment on that experience, but the carousel was worth it.

04-08-14 447

Overall, we enjoyed the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. We still need to go back and see their Africa exhibit sometime. This family believes that if you’re visiting Columbus, the zoo is worth your time and money! 4 thumbs up!

After living in our place a few more weeks, we headed back up to Columbus on Good Friday to visit Cosi.


Apparently, that is their busiest day of the year. No we did not know that before going. And really, it wasn’t that bad, just had to wait in a few popular spots.

At the time, our kids were 3 1/2 years old. Some things were over their heads and they didn’t understand things, nor did they care. Electricity happens when…yeah don’t care. A car is powered by an engine and….boring. So if you have toddlers/preschoolers, let me save you the trouble of dragging them thru exhibits they don’t care for. Our kids favorites were the Ocean exhibit, Big Science Park (outdoors, so it’s closed sometimes), and my little guy liked the Gadgets exhibit. Some parts of the Gadgets exhibit you have to pay extra for, but he was too young for that anyways, so it didn’t matter to us.



But they both loved the Little Kidspace. The have different pretend play stations (doctor office, farm, house, store), there’s stuff to build, a train table, someone reading stories, and a water play station. Seriously if we lived closer to Columbus, we would come here once a week just for this space. I was very impressed. And, they only allow Kindergarten & under aged kids (and their parents!) to play in this space. No big kids running around mowing your kids over. Winning.





If it wasn’t for the Little Kidspace, I would not have been impressed. Most everything else is geared for Elementary + ages. So overall, we loved COSI! 4 thumbs up!


And there was popcorn at the theater concession stand…always a plus for my crew.

I don’t have pictures of all the places we’ve discovered in Columbus, but here’s some other places we’ve liked and would recommend:

North Market– reminds me of Pike Place, just smaller and way less creepy. Actually not creepy at all. And very clean.

Easton– shopping! We also get our Costco/Tillamook Cheese fix here.

Lucky’s Market– like Trader Joe’s

One place we still have yet to check out:

Scioto Mile

And many many coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants that are off the beaten path! We look forward to exploring Columbus many more times!

Have you ever “toured” in your home state?

That’s all for now! Press on!

Jaimi S.

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