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Dayton Air Force museum

It’s Tuesday again and today’s the day to tell you about Dayton, Ohio! Back in March when Nathan was living in Ohio while the rest of us were back in Washington, I came and visited him for one weekend. I flew into the Dayton Int’l airport, so Dayton is the first I have ever seen of Ohio. There’s a lot to do there and it’s pretty close to Cincinnati. It’s definitely an older city. A lot of older buildings and neighborhoods. But so much of it is very charming. After we lived here a couple months, we decided to go visit the National Museum of the US Air Force. Free admission and airplanes…how could you go wrong? I did take quite a few pictures with my phone while we were there…but I wasn’t thinking and deleted a lot of them…so the following are all that’s left. I know. So terrible of me! Won’t happen again.

Dayton Air Force museum


There’s a lot of very old planes…like we’re talking the first ones. The Wright brothers owned a bicycle shop in Dayton and did a lot of their experiments in Ohio…I did not know that until I moved here. I feel like a failure at American history admitting that. Anyways…it is so neat to be around so much history! Overall the museum was very kid friendly. Somethings didn’t hold the kids attention very well, but they enjoyed walking around looking at the airplanes. It’s also very humbling being surrounded by reminders of so many men and women who have sacrificed their lives for not only our country, but countless others.


Dayton Air Force museum

Outside of the museum there’s a fun outdoor play around for kids and a runway with more airplanes. A free museum with an outdoor play area…absolutely 4 thumbs up from this family!

Nathan and I are always on the lookout for “hipster” coffeeshops. We’ve found a couple in Dayton we enjoy. So if you’re into coffeeshop atmosphere and delicious coffee then you should visit Ghostlight Coffee, Warehouse 4, and Winans Fine Chocolates and Coffee. I’m sure there are more coffee shops waiting to be discovered…we will find them! I’ve started a Coffee Shop Bucket List board on my Pinterest profile. Any recommendations? I’d love to add more to potentially visit one day! Also, on the way to Dayton, we stopped to stretch our legs and do a little shopping at the Jeffersonville Tanger outlets. We’ve been there a few times. Great deals and it’s the first kid-friendly outlet mall I’ve been to. An outdoor play structure and lots of little rides (you know the quarter kind?) around the mall area. Of course this time of year it might get too cold to let the kiddos play outside while shopping…but it’s awesome they seek to make everyone happy 🙂

9.30.14 023

See? Happy “shopper” 😀

We haven’t explored Dayton too much, but there’s a lot more we can see! Here’s what’s on our list:

America’s Packard Museum (mostly on my husbands list)

Dayton art Institute (Children 17 & under are free…so only $16 for us to get in! Also, they have a family gallery which is awesome…so far we’ve avoided art galleries due to….well you can figure it out :))

Boonshoft Musuem of Discovery (kinda spendy but there’s a lot of hands on activities and different things going on each day.)

Carillon Historical Park (looks fun! Carousel, mini-train ride, park, history!)

Youngs’ Dairy (my friend Victoria keeps telling me about this place…homemade ice cream sounds amazing!)

Anywho…there’s a lot to do around Dayton to keep us coming back! Have you ever been to Dayton?

Well, that’s all for this week! Tour on!

Jaimi S.

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