Stewarts on the Go:: Hocking Hills ((and other hiking spots we’ve found))


Happy Tuesday! It’s tour time! My second edition of Tuesday Tours features Hocking Hills and a few other places in Central Ohio we’ve done some hiking. When I say hiking, I really mean “nature walk”. My husband is a backpacker…but the rest of us…are normal not. So our hikes tend to be 1 mile or less, and fairly easy for our kids. There’s been times when I have panicked inside thinking they could fall off the edge of a cliff or tumble down some rocks…but so far, no such incidents have occurred. We usually have my husband lead, the kids in the middle, and me taking up the end. But sometime we let the kids lead if it’s an easy trail with no risk of falls or trips. One thing I will say about hiking in Ohio in the summer: wear your bug spray and a hat! Unless you like spiders crawling in your hair. Nope? Yeah, me either.

We visited Hocking Hills Father’s Day weekend this summer. We had no idea how big Hocking Hills was! So many places to stop to hike. Hiking in the PNW is much different than Ohio. Typically we are used to narrow trails in heavily wooded areas. So far where we’ve gone, the trails are not very narrow. They are wooded, but not evergreen woods. I’m not a “tree” person so I have no idea what grows around here, but it’s not evergreen and pine trees, they are leafy trees. Hocking Hills is beautiful with huge rock formations, waterfalls, and lots of trees. I’m sure it looks so beautiful in the fall! We loved hiking around Hocking Hills. The trails are wide and there is so much to look at and sometimes rocks and things to climb on.

We started out at Cedar Falls. It was an easy and fairly quick hike…we took some breaks to do important things…like throw sticks into the creek. Always a thrill.

IMG_3584 IMG_3600 IMG_3605 IMG_3609 IMG_3612

Not a huge waterfall, but the rocks are so cool and different than anything we had seen before!

After that trail we headed towards Old Man’s Cave…but first we stopped for lunch at Kindred Spirits, a restaurant at the Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls. We ate out on the patio, and it was a very charming experience. The menu was limited, but we enjoyed what we ordered. It was a great way to recharge for our next trail!

Old Man’s Cave is the big attraction at Hocking Hills, and it was pretty cool. Lots of different trails to take and areas of the park to check out. This part could be hard for little ones, so keep your kids close!

IMG_3621 IMG_3625 IMG_3629 IMG_3630 IMG_3643 IMG_3644

So picturesque. There were a lot of people on this trail, and I’ve heard that’s pretty much always the case.

If you’re looking for some free, outdoorsy fun…we give Hocking Hills 4 thumbs up! In fact, we are considering returning there this weekend to check out the fall colors! If we do, I’ll be sure to update this post 🙂 And even if we don’t, we will be back there at some point!

Some other places we’ve hiked are Deer Creek State Park and Scioto Trail SP.


To read about the Adena Trail/Deer Creek hiking, visit my post about our first camping trip with Journey our trailer 🙂

Our hiking at Scioto Trail SP was short, but it’s pretty close to our house, so we had to check it out. Plus, we heard the lake there is named Stewart Lake…so we had to hike around it! But I’m pretty sure we are the only ones who had done so in quite some time. At one point we thought we lost the trail because it was so overgrown and basically non-existent. So glad we were going around a lake,…hard to get lost when you’re doing that 🙂 And because the trail had been so overgrown…there were a lot of eight-legged critters along the trail. Yikes. But we still had fun and there was a playground at the SP…always a bonus. And if there’s water around, you bet my crew will be throwing rocks and sticks into it. Overall, we weren’t too impressed with Scioto Trail SP…maybe just two thumbs up. But, if you want to get outside and do something free…it’s a good place to go 🙂

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One last “hiking” place we discovered was a nature trail at a park in Circleville. It’s short, and very easy. We saw a snake, so that’s always exciting. And if it’s hot…you can go to the splash park afterwords! And when you are driving back into town, stop at the coolest ice cream place, Scoops. I love Circleville. It’s a very charming little town. Their pumpkin show is this weekend…I couldn’t be more excited! Anywho, when you’re in Central Ohio, stop in Circleville…it’s cute place!

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That about wraps up this weeks edition of Tuesday Tours! Where do you like to hike/get outdoors?

Press on!

Jaimi S.

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