One year of no clothes shopping:: One Month down.

One year of no clothes shopping:: One Month down. |

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Hello all! If you follow me on IG, on September 1st I posted that I was beginning one year of no clothes shopping. Even though I’ve had this idea rolling around in my brain for quite some time, the decision to start on September 1st was sort of a spontaneous one. Originally I had planned to start my challenge when most challenges begin: January 1st. But, there’s no time like the present, am I right? Plus, like I said in my IG post, I’d just end up “stocking up” on new clothes to prepare for my one year of no buying clothes…kind of the opposite of what I’m trying to accomplish here.

What exactly am I trying to accomplish? Glad you asked.
I love reset buttons…or anything along those lines. Problem with the computer? Reset! Phone acting cray cray? Restart! Kids super cranky? Time for a walk…reset! Pantry overcrowded? Purge, reorganize…reset! Washing machine funky smelling? Vinegar + baking soda on the sanitize cycle…reset!! See? I love a good reset, especially when it works! I feel like a lot of areas of my life right now need a good old reset. Maybe it’s my age, maybe I’m discontent…I’m not quite sure. I know I always have control over my clothes,…what I buy, where I buy it, how often I buy things, how I wear them. I purged a ton of clothes last year when I turned 30. Anything that didn’t fall under the “yes” answer of “would a 30 year old mother of four wear this?” was passed along. And then last year I made a few strategic purchases on items that I knew would fit that description and would maximize my wardrobe. Things like higher quality plain tee shirts for layering, better fitting jeans, as well as dresses that were age appropriate and could be used for multiple seasons.

I don’t get out to go physically shopping in clothing stores too often these days, but over the past couple of months I found myself browsing clothing on my phone quite a bit. Online shopping can be good and bad for an overwhelmed mom of four. When I would get an email from a clothing sight I would open it right away just so I could see what was new. I didn’t have a lot of restraint when it came to clothing purchases. I mean I wouldn’t buy like anything, I have my standards and limitations…but at least once a week, I was making some kind of clothing purchase. If I was feeling especially burnt-out nothing made me feel better than buying clothes…for a time anyways. But that feeling is fleeting. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I also realized I need to make smarter clothing choices. Sites like and are great…but sometimes you end up with a very cheaply made garment. I want to make smarter purchases not only about quality, but also who made my clothes. Often Fair Trade clothing is quite pricey…as well it should be! Someone is earning a fair wage to make those clothes and they are doing a great job making them! But if I’m making a “cheap” clothing purchase once a week, there is no room in my clothing budget to spend on a Fair Trade garment. My clothes, my spending habits, and where I shop all need a reset. And in my option, there is no better way to reset than to stop all together.

Ultimately my goal in all this is to be consumed with stuff less and be more consumed with Jesus. I absolutely enjoy clothing…but I do not want to enjoy it more than Christ. In the grand scheme of eternity, this is a small step towards knowing Jesus better, but I pray it will impact my heart in a God-glorifying way! Sometimes when I challenge myself I tend to get pretty legalistic and beat myself up if I mess up. While I fully intend to follow through with this challenge, I don’t want it to become an idol. That being said, here are my One Year No Clothing Shopping guidelines:

  • I will not make any non-essential clothing purchases…no impulse purchases, no purchases because something is “on-trend”, or because I like it…if I do not NEED it, I will not buy it. For instance, I might need new undergarments within the year…I will get only what I need. I have one plain white tee shirt…if I happen to wear it and a child decides I need to wear their lunch and I cannot remove the stain, I would most likely replace it.
  • If I absolutely need to make a clothing purchase, as far as it is possible, I will make smart purchases: higher quality, fairly traded, or even thrifted. (Obviously undergarments will not be thrifted ((yikes)), but I if I do need to replace my plain white tee, I might check out before I head to a store.)
  • Play around with my clothes. I want to maximize my current wardrobe! I really do have quite a bit to work with and I want to see what I can do with what I’ve got! I might wear out some clothes because let’s be honest, how often do we truly wear out clothes anymore? Pretty rare for me.
  • Not buying clothing also includes not buying accessories: scarves, necklaces, shoes. But if my husband wants to buy me a necklace or a pair of shoes…I certainly won’t turn him down 😉
  • Down the road I might consider using gift cards I receive to make purchases since it’s not coming from my own budget…but for right now I’m not going to spend them because I feel I need to step back and have a clothing purchase “time out” so to speak. I think buying any clothing by any means right now will defeat my purpose.

It’s been one month and 3 days since I started and I’m happy to say I haven’t made any clothing purchases for myself! The first couple of weeks I almost forgot a few times, but I remembered in time and didn’t make any purchases. (Close call…the mom brain struggle is real.) We are still having mostly warmish weather here in KC so I’m still going back and forth between summer and fall outfits. I still occasionally peruse my emails from Old Navy, Zulily, and other clothing companies…but not like I used to. I’m using my style pins on Pinterest and always looking for inspiration to rework my clothes! Also, going to the mall this past weekend was a true test of my self-control…but I didn’t buy anything…mostly because I didn’t really look!

So that’s why I’m going one year without making any clothing purchases! Have you ever taken a break from making clothing purchases? Do you know anyone who’s done this before? I’d love some support and wardrobe reworking ideas!

Here’s a few things I’ve worn this past week…I’m loving my military vest and I’m sure you’ll see it frequently. Don’t judge. Pockets are a big deal to people like me…at a church gathering the other night I put a water bottle in each hip pocket and was able to carry two plates of food by hand for my bebes…WINNING. Also, I’ve had my small ones in my room a lot lately while getting myself ready to leave the house…so if there is a mess behind me, I blame them!!!

Library Visit!

White tee: Banana Republic outlet

Jeans: Old Navy Super Skinny Dark Wash


Hat: Totem Supply Co.

Shoes: Toms

One year of no clothes shopping:: One Month down. |



Floral top: LC for Kohls

Cardigan: Target

Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies

Booties: Bass outlet

One year of no clothes shopping:: One Month down. | One year of no clothes shopping:: One Month down. |


Running errands…I flipped the pic so you could read my shirt 😉

Washington Wine tee shirt: Goose Ridge Estate Winery

Jeans: Old Navy Super Skinny Dark Wash


Shoes: Toms

One year of no clothes shopping:: One Month down. |


Family trip to the mall to spend the big kids birthday gift cards! Woohoo! And isn’t my helper the cutest?

Gingham button-up: Banana Republic, purchased on


Jeans: Old Navy Super Skinny Dark Wash

Booties: Bass outlet

Coffee & Grace Necklace: MinMac

One year of no clothes shopping:: One Month down. | One year of no clothes shopping:: One Month down. |




Dress: Old Navy

Black Tights: Kohls

Gray Suede booties: Target

Necklace: gift


And finally, today…I wasn’t a huge fan of this outfit actually and I don’t think I’ll wear it again this way. It felt a little too young.

Dress: thrifted (Old Navy)

Chambray: Target

Leggings: LuLaRoe

Boots: Zulily

One year of no clothes shopping:: One Month down. |


So that’s my recent outfits and reasons for my One Year of No Clothes Shopping! This first month hasn’t been too hard…but I’m sure I will have my moments of “why in the world am I doing this?!!” I hope you’ll follow along…and possibly lend some encouragement down the road when the going gets tough 😉

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Press on!

Jaimi S.

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  1. Debbie Dawson says: Reply

    Good for you! I have done this and try to make smarter purchases. I unsubscribed from all the temptation emails. If I want to shop I go to that site and put stuff in my cart. Then leave it there!! After thinking about it, do I need it, when would I wear it, I most often forget about it!! Will be praying for you!

    1. That’s a great idea about leaving it in the cart to think about it! Love that! And thank you for praying! 😀

  2. Sandy says: Reply

    I admire your plan for the next 11 months, to enjoy what you have and let your focus be on glorying in Christ and not in purchases! That being said, I would disagree with you thinking your last outfit is too young for you. I have spent my life always thinking some fun way of wearing my hair or a particular style of clothing was “too young ” for me. Now I’m 55 and regret choosing not to participate in a trend because I didn’t think it was age appropriate. I’m talking mostly about wearing hair accessories here, btw! Anyway, enjoy your “clothing fast”!

    1. Thank you Sandy! And so appreciate your wisdom on my last outfit! I will keep that in mind 🙂

  3. Kelsey says: Reply

    Wow, what a CHALLENGING challenge! I love your heart behind it. I think limiting shopping can really help us mix up and appreciate our current wardrobe. Your outfits are all so cute, especially the dentist one. I usually wear sweats to the dentist, haha!

    1. Thank you Kelsey! 🙂

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