Getting Social…with Ice Cream!


This past weekend we hosted an Ice Cream Social at our home. We invited the young adults/young families from our church in an effort to build community, get to know people, and talk about starting up a small group in the fall. And of course…eat ice cream! We hadn’t hosted any parties since…well since Christmas! I was excited to get partying again 🙂

toppingsbar3Aside from purchasing the toppings…I shopped my home for almost everything else!

toppingsbarSince our event was on the first day of summer, I wanted to use fun, bright summery colors. I wanted the colors to be bold & modern and add in the wood & metal to give it a vintage “farm” vibe. We were making homemade ice cream after all…I felt a farm feel was appropriate.

utensilcarrierWe’ve had this wooden tool caddy for years and I’ve used it for many different purposes. This time, I added mason jars on the inside and used it for utensils.

chocolatetoppingsThese are the chocolate toppings! The small glass bowls held chopped up Snickers Bars and Butterfinger bars. Don’t worry, I added spoons later. I had to take these pics quickly…it was like 85* with like 80% humidity…

toppingsonwoodcrateBecause I was rushing…I didn’t get to finesse this part of the table the way I wanted to. Of well. My man got me that wooden crate from a local gift shop. I did purchase the mini scoops from Hobby Lobby and the plastic scallop containers are from Party City. Other wise…everything else, we already had! And of course I throw in my vintage Pyrex whenever I possibly can! Those held strawberries & blueberries. My sweet girl picked a wildflower bouquet for the table. She’s my hostess in training 😉 That jar of flowers ended up moving more to the left by the way…again, rushing & melting.

toppingsbar2I had a close-up picture of the galvanized tier holding the cones…but my computer did something awesome and now that picture is half garbage and half of the picture I took. Thanks technology. The top tier held chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, chopped nuts, and sprinkles. I got it at Sam’s Club after we moved here and this is the first time I’ve used it! The pennant banner I made last year for our Journey photo shoot. The white burlap I picked up at Hobby Lobby’s remnants bins a long time ago.

icecreamtoppingsbarNow we are ready to be social with ice cream!

IMG_3707We made two flavors. Our pastor brought his White Mountain electric ice cream maker and made vanilla. He was kind enough to let lil miss “help” him 🙂

IMG_3709In our freezer we made Cake Mix Ice Cream.

6-24-14 771Victoria working for her ice cream. You go girl.

6-24-14 772And then, we ate ice cream and hung out!

6-24-14 774

6-24-14 769

6-24-14 775When there’s ice cream, beautiful weather, and friends…how can an event not be successful? 🙂

We’re excited to be a part of this community and we are so blessed by their welcoming us into their church body. We look forward to more events and small group in the fall!

That’s all for now! Press on!

Jaimi S.

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