Twin room, take 2! {Featuring Rhapsody Crafts!}

Twin room, take 2!|

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Hello! I’m finally sharing about the babies room! It’s nothing fancy…but I’m most excited to share with you all about some special decor on their wall…and a special perk for being one of my blog readers 🙂

So after I was discharged from the hospital, we got to work getting the babies room ready! Basically everything was in it…just not put in the correct places, organized or cute looking. The theme of the room is fairly gender neutral using woodland critters, and camping/outdoorsy elements, or “hipster baby decor” as my husband calls it 😉 We are not expecting them to share this room for more than a year, so we didn’t put too much work into this space. Also, we still haven’t built their “real” cribs yet (which are a very simple design from Ikea) since they share the pack-n-play for now.

We turned the guest room into the nursery and this is what we started with back in early spring:

Guest roomThe walls were bright yellow (oops on my part) and the floors were laminate wood. Nathan repainted the walls and we had the room carpeted.

Looking in the door, this is what you see now:

Twin room, take 2!|eventuallycomplete.comThe walls are gray and the curtains are a darker shade of gray. The reading corner, toy bins, pack-n-play are to the right. Changing area to the left. My handy hubby made the shelves for the books and I made the pennant banner with the vintage camping trailer fabric. The shelves you can find all over Pinterest, but here’s the pin I found originally and took inspiration from. Also, here’s my nursery Pinterest board where I gathered ideas for the babies room.

Twin room, take 2!|eventuallycomplete.comEventually when we build both Ikea cribs, they will go along this wall. And I love those shelves by the way. I highly recommend building some for your little ones books! And forget about the glider rockers that all the baby stores sell…Ikea Poang chairs are where it’s at friends. If this one had the foot rest, I’d sleep in it.

To the right of the reading/crib area is the closet.

Twin room, take 2!|

Twin room, take 2!|eventuallycomplete.comIt holds the diaper/wipes stash, formula to-go bottles, clothes to grow in to, sheets, quilts, blankets, burp cloths, and other things that we will be using later on like carriers and the baby jail play yard.

Sitting in the Poang chair, this is what you see and what I’m most excited to show you:

Twin room, take 2!|eventuallycomplete.comThe changing table area with the super cute art work above it!

Twin room, take 2!|

Twin room, take 2!|eventuallycomplete.comThe dresser (which we found at an antique store in Prosser, WA.) was A&H’s changing table and after they were potty trained, it became our entry table and held tablecloths, extra decor and such. Now it’s back to it’s original use. The top two drawers hold socks, leg warmers, and other various small baby items. The other two drawers hold onesies, sleepers, and pants. I found the chevron laundry basket at TJ Maxx and the diaper pail is from Target. I do not like the Diaper Genie because you have to buy their special bag refills. Plus their claim to fame is you can fit like 3,000 diapers in a bag before it’s time to change it. One word comes to my mind: stink. Maybe not while it’s sitting there…but don’t ask me to change that bag! Gross. This diaper pail uses a regular garbage bag and holds maybe 15-20 diapers, which is plenty. The blue 3-tier rolling cart is a Sam’s Club find. I’m a fan. (I’ll talk about the wall art in a minute.)

Twin room, take 2!|eventuallycomplete.comThe top tier holds diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, lotion, nasal aspirator, gas drops, a couple pacifiers, and diaper rash cream.

The second tier swaddling blankets and burp cloths.

The third tier holds extra bath soap, spare pacifiers, monitor and receivers, and baby moccasins for when they’re older 🙂

I really like how versatile this cart can be. Once they are crawling, I can put things in the third tier that they can get out and play with. And then when it’s done being used in their room, it can be used elsewhere in the house! I highly recommend getting one! I know Ikea sells them too.

Now for the best part…the wall art!

Twin room, take 2!|eventuallycomplete.comThe fox and owl are handmade string art pieces that I special ordered from my friend Victoria’s Etsy shop, Rhapsody Crafts. She claims string art isn’t hard…but it looks hard and time consuming to me! Either way, she’s super talented and enjoys what she does…which is obvious and it shows in each piece she creates! Her work is colorful and well-done. Not only does Victoria love what she does, but she cares about her customers and is more than happy to do special orders/designs. I’m still trying to decide what my next order will be from Victoria! Maybe something for the older kids rooms or our last name.

Have you always wanted a string art piece in your home? Or wanted to purchase one for someone else? Well I’ve got awesome news for you then! Victoria (who is the sweetest, by the way) has so kindly offered a coupon code especially for my blog readers! Lucky you guys! It only lasts 2 weeks from today, so hurry up and place your order! (I don’t think I have to remind anyone that Christmas only happens to be about 4 months away…but I just did. You’re welcome.) When you checkout at her Etsy shop use coupon code TWINS for 20% off your order! And don’t forget to “like” her facebook page to stay up to date on her current designs, craft shows, and any news about her shop in general! She’s also on Instagram @rhapsodycrafts ,so follow her there too! I’m a fan of my friend Victoria, I love that she loves what she does and I’m so excited to collaborate with her in a small way! Hoping for more colabs in the future too!…maybe a giveaway or something someday…eh Victoria? 😉 Oh, and while you’re “liking” her facebook page, you could “like” mine too 😉

The arrow pieces on the wall are something that Nathan whipped up for me. I like that I can use them in other places around the house too. This pin was the inspiration behind the arrows. I’m kind of into arrows right now, so of course I have a Pinterest board for that too 😀

I think that about wraps up this post! Hope you enjoyed your little tour of the babies room! Oh you wanted to see a picture of the babies? Well…ok 😉

Twin room, take 2!|eventuallycomplete.comThis was last week. They had been apart so long, I just had to get them close again. I’m sure they appreciated that 😉 And Mr. E’s hand is up on his face…I know it looks like his mouth and cheek are purplish, but I assure you, that’s his little hand.

And I couldn’t resist having a little photo sesh yesterday morning using A&H and one of our fav books…

Twin room, take 2!|eventuallycomplete.comA photographer I am not…but I might have to print this one and frame it.

One more reminder before I close this post up…don’t forget to go to Rhapsody Crafts within the next two weeks and use your coupon code TWINS for 20% off your string art order! And make sure you tell me what you order! Or you can always throw a pic up on IG or FB with the hashtag #RhapsodyCrafts ! 🙂

That’s all for now! Happy Tuesday!

Press on!

Jaimi S.

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