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August is flying by already! I admit that I’m ok with that however πŸ˜‰ Here is an update on how we’ve been since my last post:
Had an ultrasound on Friday last week, and the babies are rockstars! Tracking right along as if they were each all by themselves! (the medical term for one baby is “singleton pregnancy”) Hadley weighed 4lbs and 11oz and Asher was 4lbs and 9oz! Crazy! And they should be between 17-19 in long at this point. They most likely won’t get too much longer, just not that much room left for the little munchkins!
On the note of not much room left,…Monday after work I started experiencing some cramping in my lower abdomen. At first I didn’t think too much of it, I just assumed it was because I’m growing and it was my muscles stretching. I went and got a massage and right before that I started having some low back pain with the cramping…however both feelings subsided after I had been laying down during the massage. The cramping continued on and off throughout the afternoon and evening and needless to say I didn’t sleep much because I couldn’t get comfortable. But the feelings seemed to deminish with rest, so I continued to ignore it.
The next morning at work I was sore…it hurt to walk and the cramping continued off and on without the back pain. I tried to take a nap that afternoon but I couldn’t sleep because something was just telling me something might be off…I of course ignored the voice and continued with my day. (I did take it easy tho!!) That evening around 7:30, the lower back pain started again with the cramping and did not go away when I laid down. I called the hospital and a nurse recommended I come in and get checked. I didn’t want to. In fact I didn’t mention any of this to Nathan until about….9:45 Tuesday night :/ He said I needed to go. So off we went. We arrived at KGH at 10:30 and I expected to be fine and leave shortly. I was SOOO wrong.
I was on the monitors for about 1 hour when a nurse came in and said “you’re definitely contracting. We need to give you some meds to stop them and have the on-call doctor come in and check you.” My first thought was “CRAP.” So she gave me the meds and the doctor came and checked me. No dilating which was great news! They also ran a test to see how likely it would be that I would deliver within the next 1-2 weeks…I only have a 5% chance…more great news!! Meanwhile, the meds they gave me didn’t care for me.  They almost made their way back out and everytime I opened my eyes the room did a lovely dance πŸ™‚ NOT fun…also, the contractions didn’t quit…so no good. They tried another med which worked much better,…and they decided to keep me until my doctor got there in the morning. So finally at 3:30 am they found a room for us to sleep in. Dr. Smith came at 8:30 and wanted me to stay that day so he could watch me. CRUMB. He also ordered a steroid shot be given to me to help the twins lungs develop in case they do come early. The day was pretty boring, but my mom and Sara came to see me which was nice to have some company.
The medication they gave me to stop the contractions (trebutimine) worked, but I could tell when it was wearing off (you’re supposed to have it every 4 hours) AND it makes your heart race, get jittery/shakey, and I felt sooo hot. At one point my heart rate was about 140…so they had to wait to give me another dose for about and hour and a half after I needed it. My heart rate was still about 118 when she gave it to me, so by the time the doctor came back to see me my heart rate was about 136…he didn’t care for that, so I got to stay the night…yay. That night we had an awesome nurse, she teaches our childbirth class so it was cool that we already knew her. I didn’t have anymore contractions after about 6:30pm Wednesday night…so that was a great sign and the babies were still doing awesome! And we got a little bit of sleep, yay!
Dr. Smith came back this morning and told me I could try to go without the medication and if I didn’t have any problems I could go home, YES!!! So I didn’t have anymore problems, I was sent home with a prescription, so I can take the medication if I do have contractions and I am on light bedrest until further notice.
It’s so nice to be home, I hated being cooped up in that one small space. But I know it’s where I needed to be for the time and I received great care! And I know the Lord is in the situation, which is very comforting. I don’t like the idea of slowing down, but if that’s what He wants for me right now, I will obey.
Sorry this is such a long post! But I also want to use this to kind of document what has been going on…because I’m too lazy to write all this stuff in TWO baby books! πŸ˜€
And I just want to mention that I married a wonderful man and future father. He is helpful, asks questions, comforting, and calming. He has sacrificed so much over the last couple days, and I’m forever grateful to him. He is a true gift from God and I pray that I am reminded of that frequently! He’s the sweetest guy xoxox
Well, time for bed. Looks like I’m going to have more time on my hands to update this…for a short time anyways πŸ™‚

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