September 20, 2010

The big day is only 16 days away! We have the C-section, aka the twins birthday, scheduled for 9/20/2010! I will be 38 weeks on that day. He is hopeful the babies will stay put until then, but if my water brakes, or I start going into labor before that, he said he won’t try to stop it and if the babies are still not in position, he will just preform the procedure prior to the 20th. He is really pleased how everything has gone (except for the babies being stubborn that is) and I have already made it past the “average” delivery time for women carrying twins (35 weeks).
We would appreciate your prayers that the babies will stay put until the 20th. I really am hoping that if I DO go into labor it will be during the week when my doctor will be available to preform the procedure. Whatever does happen though, we know it’s in God’s hands and we just want our kids to be healthy.
We are very excited to meet our babies and to have our family and friends meet them! And I have to admit, I will be very glad to not be pregnant anymore 😀
We will keep everyone up to date as we get more news and things happen. Thanks for the prayers!

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