Stewarts x2!

We found out January 28th that we were expecting. Nathan and I decided to keep the news to ourselves until we could see the doctor and make sure everything was looking ok before we got excited and got others excited. Our first appt was March 1st…and what an appt it was! Doctor was doing the ultrasound and was pointing out our “baby” and the heartbeat and saying everything looked great. He then got quiet and after what seemed like forever said, “well this is interesting.” I looked at him expecting something to be wrong when he looked at me and held up two fingers. I said “what does that mean??” He said, “It’s twins!!” Well needless to say I felt very lightheaded and started to tear up. Nathan was saying “that’s so cool!” So needless to say, since then we have been occupied with doctors visits, reading material on preparing ourselves for the twins, and slowly accumulating the necessities.
Our “official” due date is Oct. 4th, however the doctors don’t believe that there is much benefit in going past 38 weeks, which is Sept 20th. 

On a more recent note, the stroller should be arriving anytime, we have the cribs, and we find out genders on Wednesday!

One reason I want to keep up with this blog more is because I believe that there are others out there that have information I need and I am curious to meet them!! So if you are a mom of twins, and more specifically a first-time-stay-at-home-mom of twins, please contact me so I can follow your blog!!

Anywhoo…hope to post after our visit on Wednesday with the next big news!!

Press on!


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