||Classy in the City|| Family Photo Session


Happy weekend! I’m just jumping on here real quick to show our recent family photo session with RacheLeigh Photography. Not only is she an awesome photographer, but we have the privilege of being friends with her and her family! We couldn’t be more thrilled with here upbeat attitude, how well she works with kids, and the great locations she chose. Since we never know how long we are going to be living in a certain place, we thought this was a perfect time to capture the wonderful city we currently call home. Nathan was awesome in letting me have “my way” with the family’s attire for the pictures. Typically I’m all about capturing the family “as is” and most like how we would normally look….but since we were doing downtown and city shots, I wanted to go classy. It might be my only chance before these kids get too opinionated about clothing 😉 I stuck with a black, white, red, and silver/gray color palette (but not matchy-matchy) and it all came together so well. We girls all wore “fancy skirts” and sparkles and the boys wore nice shirts and slacks…my man was even willing to wear a bow tie 🙂 What a guy! Seriously, I could not be more pleased with how these pictures turned out. We haven’t had professional family pictures since Asher & Hadley were 3 years old…so this was wonderful! My only regret is we didn’t get a picture of the 4 kids together. By the time I thought about it, it was getting cold and the kids were like 1000% done. You will see proof further down the post 😉

We started out in the Rivermarket district of KC, it was a Thursday late afternoon so it wasnt busy at all. The kids actually cooperated pretty well at this location! And in hind sight, I should have suggested a picture of just the 4 kids together while we were here and they were happy…live and learn!

Next we moved on to the city view location…it was pretty cold and windy so the little ones were not super thrilled about this spot.

Love these ones with the Bartle Hall Sky Stations and the Power & Light Building in them. They are such cool structures in the KC skyline, so great to always have them in the background our family pictures now!

And now, as promised…unhappy two year olds. But still super cute 😉

Poor kids! At least the older two can fake happiness even when they were complaining how cold their were 😉

Awwww 🙂 And finally, some shots of just me and my man. We especially like the ones with Kaufmann Center for the Preforming Arts in the background. It’s such a unique and beautiful building.

I will definitely be ordering some large size prints on canvas…it will just be hard to choose which ones to order!

I can’t forget to include our Christmas card for the year too…

This is the third year in a row I’ve used Photo Affections and I’m always so pleased with how they turn out…and for a great price! I’m pretty thrilled with the black and white stripes on this design.

If you’re in the KC area, check out RacheLeigh Photography! She knows the area well and works so well with kids! And I have to give a huge shout-out and thank you to her sister Mary who assisted Rachel…and us by holding two cold and cranky toddlers during mine and Nathan’s pictures 😉 Both Rachel and Mary are delightful to be around and we just love them to pieces.

Do you send Christmas cards? Or get professional family pictures annually? We really enjoy receiving Christmas cards as well as displaying them and praying for our friends and family through the year once we take them down!

Enjoy the rest of your last weekend before the big day! I hope you’ve gotten a lot checked off your to-do list!

Press on!

Jaimi S.

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