DIY projects are like a box of chocolates…Staircase: Part1


Happy Monday! We finally finished the staircase/foyer! Can’t wait to share it with you 🙂

Last month when we started painting the foyer, we spontaneously decided to pull up the carpet on the stairs after we finished painting the staircase.  As we were puling up the carpet, Nathan commented that we really had no idea what we were getting into, how it would turn out, or even what we were doing. Sometimes when you start a DIY project “you never know what you’re gonna get!” We learned a lot with this project…it didn’t turn out exactly as we were expecting, but we are overall pleased with the results.

We started painting the foyer ceiling & walls and the staircase.


Holes patched and foyer ready for paint.


foyerpaintingCeiling painted and new light fixture installed. Onto the walls and staircase.

stairsduringStaircase during the painting process. We used the Sherwin Williams ceiling paint in the staircase and Balanced Beige on the walls in the foyer. We were having trouble safely reaching the high places, so my man came up with a solution.


stairspainting22x4s from the stairs to the ladder and he stood on the boards and…

stairspainting3I’m not sure if it was the paint fumes or the fact that it was late at night, or the combo of the two…but the paintbrush on the stick made us laugh a little too much. Anywho…after the painting fun was done, we started ripping up the carpet.

carpetremovalThe first step was stained and pretty…but as we peeled back more carpet, we realized that’s where the pretty ended.

carpetremoval2Plain pine steps, in good condition, but not what we want.

carpetremoval3Next we took out all the tack strip and staples.

sandingstairsNext Nathan sanded each step.

sandedstairsThen he filled in holes, taped the edges and was ready to stain the stairs. We did our best to match the stain color to the banister. We followed the instructions right on the can of stain.


stainingstairs2First lesson we learned…too much putty was used when we filled in the holes. The stain just doesn’t absorb into the putty as well or as “pretty” as we hoped. So the stairs do have a rustic, industrial, worn look to them. Not perfect looking…but better looking then carpet in our opinion 🙂

After all the steps were stained we let it dry about 10 hours. (We stained them after the kids were in bed, so we were able to stay off the stairs for several hours.)

stainedstairsPost staining, pre-poly coat.

poststainBefore we put on the poly coat…we covered the stairs in case we absolutely needed to go upstairs…but we tried to avoid that as much as possible for a few days.

Then we applied the poly coat.

stainedstairs2And then the stairs sat like this for a couple weeks while we worked on other projects. We still needed to paint the trim and finally got around to that this past weekend!

trimpaintWe decided to paint all of it, including the little wood trim piece…we thought it would make it look much cleaner…and the stain on the stairs didn’t really match it anyways.

trimdonePainting is all done!! So much cleaner! But I can’t let you see the entire staircase…yet. So you’ll have to mosey on over to the next post.

And I have to do this…because it was going thru my head the entire project…



Next up, the new stairway in Staircase: Part 2!

Jaimi S.

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