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I wanted to share one of my recent purchases with you today that also happens to be part of my wardrobe capsule.


I’ve been following Lauren from MERCYiNK on Instagram for almost a year I believe. I love her heart for Jesus, orphans, family, the church, annnnd….I love her shop πŸ™‚ My first ever purchase from her was a scripture necklace that I bought thru an IG instasale. I love it. Then I purchased a few prints that I have around the house. One of my favorites that I bought hangs in our master bedroom that says “Give your life away”. It’s based off the scripture in Matthew where Jesus talks about whoever loses their life for the sake of the gospel, will find it. I love this paraphrase and I like to think of it as our family’s purpose statement. Well a few weeks ago, Lauren announced on her IG account that she would begin selling t-shirts with this paraphrase printed on it. I snatched one up, and I’m sharing about it; why I love it, and what it means to me to give my life away.image

First, the shirt is a great cut and is super soft. I’m wearing a small and it’s a tad snug…so if you like your shirts on the baggy side, go up a size. Personally, I like the snug fit. The shirts also come in pink. I chose gray for the versatility. I love graphic tees that aren’t kiddie, but add just enough edge to make an outfit look younger and and more casual. I wore the above outfit to church on Sunday.

So what does it mean to me to give my life away? I think for me…and my husband…it can be about big life change for sure…but so much of it is in little choices we make daily. Will I spend time my way or His way? Will I spend money the way He asks me to….even if that means sacrificing some of my comforts or pleasures? Will I value sleep in the morning hours, or time spent in His Word? These are seemingly small choices…but they ultimately determine one thing: am I living this life for me? Or for Him?

Lately I read the book “Adopted for Life” and in it the author talks about how adoption/orphan care should be so evident among the church because 1.) we are all adopted into Gods family through Christ’s sacrifice and 2.) because if we love God, then we will value what He values. Gods heart is for family, community, acceptance….His heart is for children. It struck me that I often do not value children. If I truly love God, then my heart will break for what His heart breaks for. My heart will love what He loves and hate what He hates. For me, giving my life away is valuing family and ultimately children. Our culture does not value the family or children. Giving my life away means living counter-culturally….by loving what God loves.

Now please don’t read the above and hear “loving children/family means pushing my spouse aside for 18+ years while I make kids my sole priority…and have at least 10 kids because being counter-cultural means having more then two kids…so 10 kids is the minimum to prove my counter-culture status.” I also think the other side of the counter-culture family-centeredness is making my husband a priority, respecting him, and valuing him the way he needs to be valued. By having a marriage that points to Christ, our kids will also benefit from that. The world needs to see that the way God set up families works best because that’s how He designed it and that’s a huge way to give Him glory. Is all this easy? No. It takes a lot of sacrifice, time, and prayer. Will it be worth it? If it points me, my husband, and others to Christ, absolutely.


So how about you? What does it mean to you or look like in your season of life to give your life away? We are all on a journey with Jesus…and my walk doesn’t look like yours, and yours doesn’t look like mine, amen?! πŸ™‚

Also, head on over to Lauren’s shop and check out her prints, jewelry, and now, shirts! Make sure you follow her on IG, twitter, and Facebook!

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Outfit deets: maxi skirt- JCP

Give your life away shirt- MERCYiNK

Bracelets- brown wood- Haiti, metal bangle- Alex +Ani (gift)

Necklace- light gives heat

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  1. I love this shirt. And Mercy INk!


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    1. Couldn’t agree more Nell! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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