Rebranded! Or whatever you want to call it…

First post on the new name! I’m excited! Are you excited? You might have some questions…I might have some answers šŸ˜€

Why the name change? Great question. I felt my last blog name was limiting what I could post about and I didn’t really want our name attached to it. I wanted title that was timeless (applies to any season of life), that described us well, and had purpose to it. Head over to the About page and I explain more in depth what the logo and name mean to me.

What is this for? Like, why are you even blogging? Another great question! Couple answers for that- obviously our lives have changed significantly lately and I love to document it all. The Lord has been working in our hearts big time and I want to journal it out for my benefit…possibly for the benefit of someone else. But who knows…maybe no one will read what I write…no big deal to me. One thing I’ve rediscovered about myself since moving is my love of writing. I’ve pushed that gift aside for a long time.Ā  To be honest in school I always associated people who like to write with hippies, musicians, or theologians. I was and am not any of those three. I’ve just always been good at putting words together. While reading the book “Freefall to Fly” she urges the reader to really delve into yourself and search out what gifts God has given you that you’re not using. Mine (among others) is my love of words and writing. So I’m picking up my passion for words and writing. I’m excited to see what the Lord does with it. Maybe nothing. Doesn’t matter. It will help me have a creative release.

The second part…I’m in a new community. I don’t know many people. It’s a smaller community and I’m not well connected to the pulse of the community around me. I keep reading and hearing things about utilizing the gifts God has given you to further His Kingdom and as a creative outlet for yourself. I want to use this blog to meet people, share ideas, and hopefully find some ministries to plug into and serve and use my gifts. I intend on being very proactive in joining online communities to meet fellow Christian ladies as well as seeking out places locally where I can build community and serve. (Yes, we are already plugged into a church…which is awesome by the way and we want to get even more involved there as well.)

Third- I’ve always wanted to learn more about blogging…having an active blog is the best way to learn.

So there it is. I’ve been praying about blogging quite a bit and the desires, thoughts, and ideas haven’t been going away…only growing. I want His Name, purpose, and fame to be promoted on here more then anything. He’s the one Who gave us hands to work, minds to create with, and He is in charge of our family. We are His, created for good works…and He’s not finished with us. Yet.

Please give me lots of grace as I blog. I’m a newbie. I’m still fumbling my way around all the lingo and what I need to do/not do.Ā  Be patient with me as I figure it all out šŸ™‚ Thanks in advance. And as always, I welcome your comments, suggestions, and advice! My blog isn’t “cute” yet…if I can figure out how to make it cuter, I will. If I can’t…I’ll try to deal.

Well…that’s all I have to say about that. So great to be starting something new. Thanks for stopping by and checking this out šŸ™‚

Press on!

Jaimi S. (another thing I need to figure out…a fancy shmancy signature.)


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