What I’ve been wearing || Dressember


Since I’m taking a social media break (mostly IG…I’ve gotten on FB lately to connect with some family…it is Christmas after all.) but I’ve done a terrible job promoting Dressember. As much as I can, I’m wearing dresses everyday as part of the movement to raise awareness regarding the global problem of human of human trafficking. If you’d like more information, visit the Dressember website or mine and my friend Hannah’s team page. All donations go directly to IJM an excellent organization who rescues and restores victims of trafficking.

I’ll tell you what, a lot of days I’d rather just wear my running clothes/shoes and skip the dress…and there have been a couple times that I didn’t have time to change in the morning after my workout before I took the kids to school…but for the most part, I’ve worn a dress everyday no matter how cold or inconvenient. I’m definitely glad I bought a couple pairs of fleece tights back in October!

First day of Dressember with my “helpers” 😉

Dress: Costco

Denim Jacket: Old Navy

Necklace: boutique in Nashville

Boots: Frye

This was back on a warmer day toward the beginning of the month:

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger Outlet

Necklace: Evereve

Tights: not sure

Boots: Frye

One thing I do like about Dressember is it forces me to try new combos of what I currently own and then I end up really liking what I piece together…the next outfit is one of those…

B&W stripe dress: Old Navy

Berry cardigan: Target

Necklace: Noonday

Fringe booties: Shoetopia

Black tights: Kohls

Dresses with pockets=winning

Mustard Dress: Jane.com

Scarf: Old Navy

Black tights: Kohl’s

Booties: Target

My attempt at looking “professional” while leading my first committee meeting for a fundraiser I’m chairing.

Plum dress: Jane.com

Herringbone vest: Jane.com

Necklace: Noonday

Black Tights: Kohl’s

Booties: Target

Glasses: Warby Parker

Love this dress for 3 reasons: Pockets (obviously!), its so soft, and long sleeves!

Midi dress: Jane.com

Scarf: Charming Charlie

Necklace: Noonday

Booties: Target

This was an “I dont feel like doing my hair day”. Yikes.

Dress: Costco

Scarf: Old Navy

Fleece tights: Sams Club

Boots: Frye

I never got a selfie of this outfit…but this is what I wore to my daughters first ballet receital. Isn’t she gorgeous?!! She just loves ballet.

Bell sleeve black dress: Old Navy

Necklace: Noonday

Boots: Frye

Layering and trying to look festive…

Dress: Old Navy
Flannel Shirt: Old Navy

Necklace: Boutique in Overland Park

Fleece tights: Sam’s Club

Boots: Frye

Last one for now…I like this wrap/poncho type cardigen but I think I’ll like it better with jeans 😉

Dress: Costco

Fringe wrap cardigan: Sam’s Club

Tights: Kohl’s

Boots: Frye

I do want to post about the dress I rented for a Christmas party I recently attended…but I’ll save something for another post 😉

No one freak out, but there’s only 4 days until Christmas. How did that happen? Time to get all the things done.

Peace out!!

Jaimi S.

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