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So sorry for my absence! We recently took a family vacation to the Oregon Coast ( which I will get to in a moment) but while we were gone our desktop computer decided to get a virus which effected our internet. Boo. I’m stuck using the iPad to blog. Not complaining…I’m glad I have such a wonderful tool…but it’s quite a bit smaller and I can’t use PicMonkey. Sad face. So I apologize…for this post I planned on using Pic Monkey to make a super cute to-do list…instead I had to use a sticky note app. It served its purpose…but not nearly as cute

Like I said, we took a vacation to the Oregon coast. We were gone about 8 days total. I don’t know about you, but one thing I love is coming home from vacation and stepping into a clean, tidy home….ready to be made into a post-vacation disaster. The whole way home I know I can look forward to walking into a house of order. I tried a few new tricks this time, and just wanted to share them with you. Two things first: when I say “vacation” I mean anytime your home will be empty 4 or more days. If it’s just you and your hubby going on a little getaway and the kids are staying home with grandma and grandpa…ignore some of these tips…because your house won’t be clean when you come home, am I right? Also getting your home vacation ready and getting your home camping ready are two very different things. Yep I said it…”vacation” and “camping” are not the same in my dictionary. Vacation to me means you will prepare very few to no meals….we all know camping does not mean that. Back to the vacation prep.


(Like I said, useful…not so cute)

Ok, let’s start with sticky note número uno. I know some people like to throw stuff into a suitcase the night before leaving. I’m not that person. Especially with 4 people to pack for. Also packing 25 outfits into a carryon is a thing now…I can’t do it. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I overpack, and I’m ok with that. What if it rains? What if I want to go out to dinner? I must be prepared. I want my vacation and choice of necklaces too. So needless to say, I start packing 4-5 days before we leave. I started with jeans and jackets since we aren’t using those at the moment and would use them on the coast. Then I packed swimsuits, undergarments, incidental medications, travel size toiletries, and some shoes. Also make lists of stuff you need to get. New carryon? Travel size bottles for shampoos? Dramamine? Write. It. Down. Also make a list of things that you need to pack the day of departure. Chargers, camera, toothbrush, glasses, baby monitor…you get the idea. A lot of people make those notes in their phones. But I have to have the list on paper on the kitchen counter. Some things can’t replace paper.

Don’t forget to do things like download movies onto iPad, pack surprises for kids, snacks shopping…all those little things that matter so much on the road or in the air!

Number two sticky note. I had a folder in my carryon of these important papers. Copies of the kids’ birth certificates (just in case), and all our confirmations. I know what you’re thinking “they email me that stuff, I’m not printing it.” I know…but the one time I don’t print it, my phone will be dead when I’m trying to check into a hotel at midnight and they’re telling me they have no record of my reservation. Or you’re trying to find your beach house but your phone is dead or you have no signal to use your gps…trust me…just print out the papers. You probably won’t need them…but if you do, you’ll be so glad you had them.

Sticky note 3: outdoor chores…this is assuming your vacation is in summertime and I think outdoor stuff is pretty self-explanatory 🙂

Sticky note 4…if you have no house sitter, then consider having your mail held while gone. If your house sitter is staying at your home, then you may need to do a couple other things to prepare: set up a guest room, make sure he/she has some food to eat, and do a “walk-thru” of your home with them before you leave.

I’ll skip to the middle note…the clip board. Like I said, it’s such an awesome feeling to come home to clean place. Dishes and laundry are never ending…but try to get your hampers pretty empty before leaving. There will be laundry to do when you get home…you don’t want more then you’ll already have. There will be dirty dishes when you leave…unless you only use disposable before your trip. I personally like to leave the dishwasher dirty when I leave, that way I don’t have to unload clean dishes when I get home…we can come home, eat, put dishes in and run it then. You may have a different system…whatever works for you is great!
When I say clean bathrooms…I mean do the minimum. Toilets. Sinks. Floors. Mirrors. I didn’t scrub tubs before we left. I had enough to do…I wasn’t adding that.
The rest is pretty much put your stuff away and make your home look tidy.

Sticky note 5…plan ahead! It’s not as fun to think about returning…but you’ll have to come home, so make it as easy as possible. Are you stocked up on TP? Gas for your mower? Coffee and creamer? Easy meals planned for after you return? Nobody wants to run to the store right away for something, so plan ahead as much as possible. Obviously some things you can’t do. We could buy milk, eggs, etc before we left or it would have been expired when we got home…but I could write it down on a list so that I could grab the list and go without taking inventory once home…it’s done!
When we returned we had to adjust back to Eastern time…keep those things in mind. Sometimes you can’t avoid life happening after vacation, but if you can, try to take a day or two to adjust back to life after vaycay.

Well, that about wraps up my two cents about vacation prep. Someday when I figure out camping prep, I might do a post on that too!

I have to add on a few vacation pictures of course!







We love the beach…and the Pacific Northwest for that matter! It was a great time to reconnect with our family, play on the beach, drink coffee, and get away. And  just a proud mommy moment…A&H rocked their first plane trip. They keep asking to fly again.  This was the only time they watched a movie…sometime I may share what goodies I packed for them to keep them busy 🙂

What are your vacation-ready-home tips and tricks?

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