It all began with a compromise…

Nathan loves camping. And when I mean camping, I mean you feel like you’re alone in the world. It’s you, what you have on your back, and God’s creation. Period.
Camping to moi: A State Park. Shopping nearby. SHOWERS. Mirrors. A place to plug in my curling iron. A beach. An RV. Need I go on? Notice the word TENT never appears in my list. (Of course it might not appear in Nathan’s list either…but that means outer space is your tent.)
We’ve done a few “camping” trips…roughing it in my mind, somewhat luxury camping in Nathan’s mind. Here’s a couple pictures of our first camping trip together:

Our campsite at Wallowa Lake, OR July 2006

Awww, look at those babies!

 See? I did sleep in a tent a handful of times. I do like so many things about camping: hiking, being outside, seeing new places on the cheap, driving. The two things I hate the most: how disorganized it feels (bins, bags, and tubs of gear…oh my!) and the dreaded tent.
So once I explained this to my understanding husband he concluded all that’s keeping us from camping is a dry, organized space. YES! Exactly. I told him I cared not for the year, make, or model of a trailer/RV/camper…just so long as it had cupboards and would keep out rain and maybe keep us a tad warmer then a tent. (I grew up camping in 1970’s era RV’s and I have wonderful memories from those times.) So began our quest for a crappy vintage 12-17ft camping trailer. And we were willing to put a little elbow grease into it if needed. We looked at craigslist everyday for a few weeks. We even went and looked at a 1970s Prowler at an RV dealership. Either the trailers sold before we could get to them, or they wanted too much money for what we’d have to do to get it in livable conditions.
Entre my dad.
If you know my dad, you know he knows practically everyone in our community. Living here your whole life does that I guess. And if he doesn’t know you, he’s quick at making friends. He’s also super handy. Knowing a lot of people, doing a lot of fixer-upper work for people he knows,…well let’s just say he has a few connections šŸ™‚ I asked him to keep his eyes open for any crappy vintage trailers that any of his friends might have that they’d be willing to part with for cheap. On the afternoon of June 25th he sent me this picture-

And the message was something along the lines of: it’s in need of some work but if you want it, you can have it. I had to send a clarifying text message, “you mean have it as in F-R-E-E?” The response from my dad…a linguist to the core: “yup”. Showed Nathan the picture when he got home from work and he wanted to go look at it right away.

This post is already too long. First glimpses inside and our reactions in the next one.

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