wiww #2

Why is it so hard to motivate myself to leave the house when it’s cold? Seriously, I look outside and I’m like “meh, I don’t really need to go anywhere.” Can’t tell if it’s laziness, or just my introvertness coming out. So a few times I made up reasons to leave the house just because I knew it was good for us/me to do so.

One time last week my man told me to go to Target alone after dinner. Don’t have to tell me twice! And I had a gift card saved from Christmas for such an occasion. (A giftcard that lasts me longer than 2 weeks is a major act of self-control…just sayin’.) So I bought a teal purse. I needed some color for these gray January/February days (and since I purchased my purse with a gift card, I’m not counting it against my limited shopping goals. I did buy three items in the month of January: a dress on Zulily, a leopard print scarf on Jane.com and a mini bauble necklace on Jane.com. Yep I exceeded my one item goal.)  So here we go…

 Last Wednesday evening going to Target alone…I wore something to “test” my potential new purse out.

 3/4 sleeve B&W striped sweater- TJ Maxx
Dark wash skinny jeans- Apt. 9 from Kohls
Cognac flats- Target
Floral print scarf- gift
Thursday morning I had a dentist appt, and I brought along the new purse because I knew the dentist was going to be depressing…and it totally was. 4 cavities, need my wisdom teeth out ASAP, boo hiss.

Chiffon chevron hi-low top- Jane.com
Sandblasted skinnies- Mossimo, Target
Boots- Zulily
Mustard scarf- Pink Pearl
Leather jacket- Target
Teal purse- Target

Saturday my man had meetings at church all day, so I took the kids to the mall, we practically never do that. I was on a mission to find some colored skinny jeans, I knew the kids would love to weigh in on which color I chose…and they did 🙂

Gray chunky sweater- Mossimo Target
White flutter-sleeve shirt- Elle from Kohls
Jeans- Elle from Kohls
Gray boots- Journee from Amazon
Green bead necklace- Suubi (Light Gives Heat) purchased at Sharehouse Coffee

So the kids decided on red skinnies for me. We had some friends over Saturday evening, so I wore the new pants.

Lace embellished top- Eyelash Couture from Kohls
Red Skinnies- Arizona from JCPennys
Gray cardigan- Merona from Target
Zebra print flats- Mossimo from Target
Jade bracelets- authentic from China

Superbowl Sunday. We own no sports team paraphernalia. Well ok, we both own WSU Cougars ball caps…that’s it. But we thought it important to display our Washington State pride and wear Seahawks colors. We have always been proud to live in Washington…and even though we aren’t “fans”, we are very proud of the Seahawks and the glory Jesus got because of some of the players’ outspokenness about their relationships with Him…way to go guys. Jesus is better then the Superbowl 🙂

Gray chunky sweater- Mossimo, Target
Blue, neon green, and white chevron maxi dress- Old Navy
Cognac flats- Mossimo, Target
And btw, this is how I really feel about watching sports on TV….

Hehe, found that on Pinterest 😀

Tuesday was Joy in the Morning at church. Love being with other ladies who love the Lord, discussing His Word, worshiping, and a chance to get out of the house 🙂

B&W 3/4 sleeve sweater- TJ Maxx
Red Skinnies- Arizona, JCPennys
Boots- Zulily
Pearl necklace- Forever21
Todays’ outfit…the shoes are a lie…I actually wore my brown Toms instead. And last night I got my hair did by my girl Megan who just opened her very own shop! Sooo thrilled for her! She does an amazing ombre, just  an FYI!

White v-neck tee- Merona, Target
3/4 sleeve cardigan- Mossimo, Target
Dark wash skinnies- Diva, Old Navy
Gray converse- Target (but I actually wore my Toms)
Green bead necklace- Suubi
That’s it for this week. Linking up at the Pleated Poppy again!
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