wiww #4

So my husband was out of the country last week on a mechanical trip with some dudes from our church. We have never been apart for more than 4 days in our almost 9 years of marriage. 10 days without him around was difficult, but The Lord met me new ways which I hope to blog about someday soon. Anyways…one thing I did notice, it’s hard to motivate myself to look nice with no husband around! I didn’t realize how much I make an effort just for his sake. I also bought a few things online while he was gone. There was a ton of snow, I didn’t want to leave the house….those are my excuses. One of my purchases I’m very excited to talk about at the end of my post…so let’s get started:

Numba one: going to dinner at a friends. This was like day number 7 without the hubs. This is me not knowing what to do with myself. Chevron top and blue gingham flats? Sure! Has anyone tried that combo before? No one in their right mind…

Coral chevron tank: Walmart

Gray cardi: Target
Skinny jeans: Old Navy
Gingham flats: Payless
Numba two: valentines dinner to Denny’s. Are you feeling the romance? Neither am I.

Aqua tee: Target

Gray cardi (lace back): Walmart
Skinny jeans: Kohls
Boots: Zulily
Boot cuffs: crocheted by my friend Mary for their China adoption!
Chevron infinity scarf: Jane.com
Bracelet: 3strands 
Numba three: roller skating with the kiddos and the grandmoms…who let me cut out early and have some time alone…thank You Lord for those ladies!

Aqua dolman top and layering tank: Pink Pearl (local boutique)

Black skinny jeans: Target
Boots: Zulily
Leopard print scarf: Jane.com
Numba four: church and picking up my man from the airport. Happy day 🙂
Pointelle Dress: Old Navy
Cropped cardi: gift
Tights: Kohls
Oxfords: Payless
Mini bauble necklace: Jane.com
Numba five: Running errands. This is a new combo for me, and I’m kind of in love with it. I love the femme lace paired with the military jacket. 

Lace tank: Kohls

Military jacket: Forever 21
Jeans: Kohls
Boots: Zulily
Necklace: Target
Bracelet: my man brought it back from Haiti for me..he knows me so well ❤️
Numba five: ladies small group at church

Chevron high-low top: Jane.com

Jeans: Kohls
Boots: Zulily
Bauble necklace: Jane.com
Bracelet: Haiti

Numba six: errands…and me trying to get out of my boots rut. I hate my feet feeling exposed in winter tho…but I’ll try. 

Gray ruffle tank: Loft outlet

Yellow cardi: Target
Jeans: Kohls
Zebra flats: Target
Necklace: MinMac (from a toAdorn deal)
Let me talk about this necklace really quick…the deal came to my inbox the day Nathan left for Haiti, the same day he officially signed papers for his new job in Ohio. I saw the necklace and knew I needed to order one with my hometown in it. My order came last night in the cutest packaging with the sweetest note.

I had no idea when I placed my order this gal lived in Ohio…but I love how The Lord keeps confirming that is where we are supposed to be. I instagrammed her and thanked her and told her I feel I already have a friend in Ohio 🙂 I love my necklace, I think everyone needs to order one from Mindy!

Home town pride! Now I need one for wherever we end up living in Ohio…

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