wiww #7 ::colored jeans love::

The weather was super unpredictable this past week…makes outfit planning nearly impossible. I also want to bring out more vibrant springy colors to my outfits…but I still see a lot of winter colors going on. I shouldn’t be intimidated by what others are doing…I should just do what I want! But you know when it’s like, 60 degrees out, and there’s that girl wearing an outfit like its 95 degrees out and you look at her and think “girl, it’s just not that warm!”? I don’t want to be that girl…and sometimes just wearing loud colors when everyone else is not makes me feel like that girl getting weird looks. I am loving colored jeans though. Took me awhile to jump on that bandwagon and I love it.
Number one: trip to the mall to get outta the house. 
Lace tank: Kohls
Military jacket: Forever 21
Jeans: Kohls 
Boots: Zulily
Scarf: Target
Bracelet: Haiti
Number two: my farewell dinner with the office I’ve worked at for nearly 6 years. 

Chevron dress: Kiki LaRue

Gray tights: Wal*Mart
Boots: Zulily
Mini bauble necklace: Jane.com
Ring: Forever 21
Number 3: dentist

3/4 sleeve top: Wal*Mart (3.00 on clearance! Can’t beat that!)

Green skinnies: JCPennys 
Boots: Zulily
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelet: Haiti
Number 4: out to lunch with a friend. I couldn’t decide which belt I liked best with this dress (which I got on clearance at Fred’s! Score!)…I ended up with the bigger belt this time since I had on a minimal size necklace. If I wear a scarf, I’ll choose the skinny belt. 

Dress: Fred Meyer

Gray tights: Wal*Mart
Boots: Zulily
Skinny belt: Rue 21
Large belt: Vivo (local shop)
Necklace: MinMac
Number 5: out to dinner with my parents 

Chevron high-low top: Jane.com

Red skinnies: JCPennys
Mint necklace: Jane.com
Boots: Zulily
Bracelet: Haiti
And then, the next morning for church, I changed the color of my jeans and my necklace…boom…new outfit with minimal effort!

Necklace: Jane.com

Everything eise has already been listed 🙂
Lastly: optometrist appt and errands

Flutter sleeve dress: Pink Pearl (local boutique)

Pink tights: Wal*Mart
Boots: Zulily
Gray scarf: Target
I took a few color risks…nothing too outrageous. But like I said…I’m loving these colored jeans, tights too! I have a mustard pair of jeans on their way from Zulily soon. Hope they make it before we move…
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