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1st Tri outfit 3| eventuallycomplete.com|

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Being pregnant with twins…I’ve never used certain words to describe my pregnant self, let alone pregnancy. Words like: glow, radiant, cute,…they do not apply to me. (I’m sure other moms of multiples agree.) Back in December when I first found out I was pregnant…before I knew just how pregnant I was (again), I was really looking forward to seeing myself be pregnant with one baby. I was thinking I could be one of those cute preggo gals with the little round basketball tummy and wear pretty much anything I wanted. God has an awesome way of keeping me humble. When you’re pregnant with twins…just face it…there will be no cute little belly. (Well ok maybe up until like week 25…after that people comment things like “you’re about to pop!” Nope. I’m just housing 2 people.) Last time around week 32-34, I had to go buy shirts and dresses in a bigger size. I have never been one to “let myself go”…I feel like that was the time. It was bad people. I felt like a house.

This time around…I intend to try and do things a little differently. Even though I’m going to get huge (sigh!), I am going to make as much effort as possible to look and (dare I say?) feel cute. Might be a lofty goal…but I think I’m up for the challenge. Besides, 5 years ago maxis were not really in yet. This summer, I plan on living in them. I also want to help out my fellow pregnant moms of multiples if I can. I’m going to try and find clothes that will last thru the entire pregnancy. I want to avoid buying bigger sizes if I can! I want to find the best maternity wear for you twin+ mommys! And just FYI…when you’re expecting multiples you can’t wear your pre-pregnancy clothes. Go ahead and try. I have. I was so uncomfortable all I wanted to do was go home and put on the biggest clothes I could find. So just do yourself a favor, after about week 13 or 14, just put all those clothes away. And then don’t read those blogs where those little basketball tummied girls are talking about saving money by wearing pre-pregnancy clothes. Don’t go there girlfriend.

So I have a few outfits to post today from throughout my first trimester. It’s been uber cold here, so there’s lots of layers going on.

1st Tri outfit 1| eventuallycomplete.com| 1st Tri outfit 1| eventuallycomplete.com|

Tunic- Zulily.com

Fleece leggings- toAdorn.com

Boots- Zulily.com

Belt- came with another outfit

1st Tri outfit 2| eventuallycomplete.com| 1st Tri outfit 2| eventuallycomplete.com|

Striped tee- Pea in the Pod from Destination Maternity

Black jeans- Destination Maternity

Raspberry cardi- Target

Boots- Hunter

1st Tri outfit 3| eventuallycomplete.com| 1st Tri outfit 3| eventuallycomplete.com|

Heather gray tee- Pea in the Pod from Destination Maternity

Dark wash jeans- Destination Maternity

Military jacker- Forever 21

Infinity scarf- Target

Boots- Hunter

I’ve decided that as much as possible I’m going to get “dressed” everyday. Last week my kids had a snow day every.day. A few days I stayed in my work out pants and a zip-up hoodie. I found on those days I just felt lazy and grumpy. But when I put on regular clothes, it really makes a difference. So the following is an example of staying home all day, no make-up, hair isn’t done, but I got dressed. Trust me…it makes a difference!

1st Tri outfit 4| eventuallycomplete.com| 1st Tri outfit 4| eventuallycomplete.com|

Heather gray tee- Pea in the Pod from Destination Maternity

Black jeans- Destination Maternity

Boyfriend cardi- Target

Slippers!!- from K-Mart I think…

So there it is! Nothing super fun or cute…but when it’s below zero outside, I feel like it’s hard to look cute. I am very much looking forward to spring and warmer temps ahead!

So far I’ve had success buying maternity clothes on Zulily! I highly recommend checking them out! I also browse the baby gear on there every day 🙂

By the way…I love those Pea in the Pod tees! So soft, long, and I feel like there’s a lot of room for when I’m huge. Nothing bugs me more then when shirts are open underneath my belly! I’m hopeful these tees will not let that happen!

Do you have any tried and true maternity fashion tips? Where did you shop?

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